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Home > Carpet Installation Guide

Carpet Installation Guide

Aardvark Motors carpet Installation Instructions

STOP!! -  Read Entire Instruction Sheet Before Starting
Do not cut carpet until you are sure the carpet is correct for your Vehicle! Carpets that have been cut or altered CANNOT be returned for credit! Aardvark Motors molded carpets are custom made to order and are non-returnable except for manufacturing defects.

General Notes:

  1. Some late model vehicles are equipped with a catalytic converter shield on the floor.
    Do not remove the shield; install the carpet over it.
  2. Your new Aardvark Motors molded carpet has been produced slightly oversize requiring some trimming for that perfect fit into your car.
  3. You will need a good pair of scissors and a razor knife.
  4. Use extreme caution when placing the screws through loop weave carpet, the loop tends to grip the screw and will pull out in a continuous line of tuffs.


Note! Please take your TIME! Your Aardvark Motors molded carpet has been custom molded to fit your vehicle. Plan to leave enough time for the disassembly of your interior, removal of the old carpet, proper installation and reassembly of your interior. Approximate total time: 3 Hours.


Step 1- Removal

  1. Remove your new Aardvark Motors molded carpet from the box, unroll and lay the carpet in a warm area and allow it to settle for one to two hours before attempting to install. This will allow the carpet to regain its molded shape.
  2. Remove sill plates (metal strip holding carpet at threshold of the door). Be sure to keep the screws.
  3. Remove the front seats and seat tracks by removing the floor bolts in the seat tracks. Be sure to check for and disconnect any electrical connections.
  4. Remove rear seat cushions and center console if applicable.
  5. Remove seat belt bolts if they are mounted in the carpet area.
  6. It may be required to remove or loosen the kick panels and other moldings to remove the old carpet.
  7. Remove the old carpet, & KEEP IT! Do not discard the old carpet yet.


Step 2- Preparation

  1. Remove the old padding, leave the body insulation on the floor. NOTE: Do not remove the catalytic converter shield if the vehicle has one on the floor.
  2. Vacuum or sweep the floor, remove all loose matter.
  3. Once removed, place the old carpet over your new carpet to mark cutouts.
  4. Mark any holes or additional cutouts on the carpet with chalk.
  5. Do Not cut yet!


Step 3- Installation

Note: some models will require hole openings for seat belts, mounting brackets, etc. These holes should be cut carefully after verifying that carpet fits properly. 
  1.  Lay carpet Flat. Fold in half by pulling front edge back over to meet rear edge.
  2. Center folded carpet over the transmission hump just in front of the front seat.
  3. Slowly unfold the carpet toward the front firewall.
  4. When you reach a shift lever cut a small x shaped slit just large enough for the shift lever rod to fit through.
  5. Lift the carpet up and slide it down over the lever through the x slit.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 if a second shift lever exists.
  7. After the full installation of your carpet is complete, return to the shift levers and cut the holes larger. Be careful not to cut the hole larger than the boot that will cover the area.
  8. Use the same x slit system if your vehicle requires a cutout for the floor dimmer switch or other items.
  9. Center the carpet over the transmission hump and starting from the center of the hump, work out towards each side smoothing out wrinkles and pulling the carpet tight. TIP: Using an automotive trim adhesive will give a smoother fit, and less likely to move over time. Fold back sections of the carpet and apply adhesive. Smooth down and press into position.
  10. On some carpets, you will find excess material on both sides at the sill plates. This is purposely included to provide for variations of individual installations. If excess exists on your car, merely trim it off with scissors.
  11. Slip end of carpet under sill plate at either side.
  12. Replace accelerator pedal, and smooth out carpet so that it lies flat. Replace sill plate and screws.

CAUTION: Use extreme caution when placing the screws through loop style carpet, the loop tends to grip the screw and will pull out in a continuous line of tuffs. Go slowly and do NOT use a powered screw-gun.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully installed another Quality Product from Aardvark Motors, Complete your interior with a quality set of custom floor mats made just for your vehicle. Need carpeted door bottoms or kick panels? We make your original style replacements available in factory matching colors.


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